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Managed by Mandy, Mandy Kimlick, music manager

Mandy jumped into her music career full force, growing her artist from 0 to over 24 million+ Spotify streams, including both independent and label releases. The first label Mandy worked with was Armada Music, the biggest independent dance label in the world. She soon added two of the major labels to her resume, signing songs with both Sony and Warner music. Alongside label relations, Mandy has worked with top tier venues and festival production companies including AEG, who produce Firefly Music Festival. She's secured radio placements on both FM and Sirius XM channels, along with charting songs internationally. She's run success press campaigns, having artists featured in top blogs and publications. Going back to her roots, Mandy has developed and taught music management courses for Omega Recording Studios and teaches pop up classes regularly. 

Being a dyslexia specialist and former elementary school teacher, Mandy has leaned into her teaching background. Mandy is active on social media and shares music management tips and tricks daily, alongside a behind-the-scenes look at the music management industry and a music manager's life. As part of her business model, Mandy offers free music management classes regularly, diving into networking, marketing, and strategizing within the music industry.

"The music industry is accessible. Antiquated views kept a lot about it a secret, but I believe in transparency. Artists need to learn how the music industry works, how to network,  and how to market their music and brand. Once they understand the "how to" - they have infinite possibilities"

These are ways we can work together



This is designed for artists who are at a competitive level within their genre. This is great for artists who are making music full time at a career level.

Think of a roster as a teacher’s assistant in college. They have daily contact, regular meetings, working together in a close capacity. 

Price: 20% 

**Roster is currently full**



This is designed for artists who need guidance at a specific stage or point. This are great for when artists need to get steps for career growth, marketing/social media strategies, booking strategies, answer specific questions, etc

Think of a consultation like scheduling office hours with a professor. These are scheduled periodically as needed. When you get confused or have a topic you want clarified .

Price: $100/hr


This is designed for artists who prefer a more hands-on-approach, intensive approach. This 12 week program involves weekly meetings and data collection. They are great for artists who want weekly check-ins, modeling of strategies, and support on implementation. 

Think of coaching like tutoring sessions. You're getting one-on-one help and guidance with your specific project. 

Price: $3,000

Small Group Coaching:

This 12 week program takes our coaching package and offers it in a small group setting over zoom. This is designed for artists who prefer a more social learning environment and seek accountability and networking within a cohort of 3-6 people. They are great for artists who want weekly group check-ins, modeling of strategies, and support on implementation from peers. Think of small group coaching like small group lessons. You're getting a topic every week to focus on and implement while brainstorming and getting feedback.  

Price: $1,200

**Application Process**


This is designed for artists who have self-established and full-time careers, but need a manager to communicate with bookers, labels or other companies. Artists put down a flat fee and are only charged when the project is being worked on. 

Price: $150/hr

**This is by invite only**

Pop Up Class:

This is designed for groups and focuses on a general topic and then q&a. They are great for music or marketing clubs, collectives or guest speaking events (both in person and virtually).

Price: Varies depending on group budget + location + schedule 

Social Media:

This is designed for artists who want free nuggets and tips, along with a glimpse of behind the scenes. These accounts are also where resources and links are frequently shared.

Price: Free

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